Wings Of Thunder - EP

by Espionage

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Rad EP, looking forward to a full length release from the boys! Favorite track: Never Surrender.
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Sammywo Espionage perform as Espionage
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released August 20, 2016

Produced by Chris Themelco at Monolith Studios.
Artwork by All things Rotten.



all rights reserved


Espionage Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Wings Of Thunder
Riding on the storm
A warpath in the sky
Wings of steel are born
Swarming, flyin’ high
Speeding through the mist
Nothing slows me down
Storming the abyss
Getting off the ground

Fire and smoke around me
Warriors storm the walls
Enemies try to fight me
But I will never fall

On the wings of thunder
I'm master of the sky
At the speed of light
Time is passing by
On the wings of steel
I shall never fall
You will face the storm
And the thunder I will call

Death to those around me
If you try to take me down
A victim of my firepower
But you’ll never take my crown


(Denis Solo)

Enemy engaged
At supersonic speed
Target is acquired
Make those bastards bleed
Thrust of the beast
An arsenal of lightning bolts
Weapon is unleashed
Your end will be my result

Explode in altitude
Now you are no more
You have faced
The wrath of thunder


Flying through the night
Support the troops below
The world is in my sight
With the sky I control
Take off and I lift (lift lift lift)
Land with such a force
Movements are so swift
With the sky I enforce
Track Name: High Riser
2. High Riser

Looking down
The fear of death is overwhelming
Hit the ground
The thought in my mind

Soaring fast and flying free
Death’s stalking me

This is the thrill of the rush
Falling down
As I leap from the sky
High riser

Spinning out
Descending at breakneck speed
Through the clouds
Heading for the world

Twisting through the raging winds
I’m out of control


(Denis Solo)
Track Name: Running Out Of Time
Fire! Burning in my soul
Ignite! Time is taking toll
We fight! To be in control
No minutes spare
You must beware

Facing the end
The end of your life
Fighting the clock
Which is ready to strike
Running in circles
Death's hands chasing you
With seconds to hurdle
Can you make it through?

Running out of time
Fight to stay alive
Race against the clock
Before life expires
There's no time to wait
Death we must escape
We are running
Running out of time

Death! Death awaits us all
We live until the day we fall
Is the last resort
In time you will cease
Time will release

Release you of love
Laughter, anger and pain
No circumstances
As you won't remain
Nothing determines
Remainder of time
Facing facts, you've reached
The end of the line


(Denis Solo)

Time! Time is ticking away
It doesn't define
How you lived every day
What's left behind
Might not matter to one
Did you live by the sword?
Did you die by the gun?

Sound the alarm
As the bell tolls for you
Did you live for a lie?
Did you live for the truth?
Reflections will speak
Louder than song
Your timeline will end
And it strings you along

Track Name: Never Surrender
4. Never Surrender

As you awaken
Caught up in a dream
Body’s been taken
Trapped in the machine
Surges of evil
Lurk inside your mind
Violent and screamin'
Rage will make you blind

Suddenly, feeling free
Time to break the chains
Take control of your soul
Survival is the game

Never surrender - Never fall
Never surrender - Standing tall

Consumed by madness
Drivin’ you insane
Patience is wasted
Time will not remain
As you keep falling
Soon you will break through
On your knees crawling
Onward to the truth

Yes you may, see the day
Live reality
The way out, there is no doubt
Grasp insanity


(Denis Solo)